Be Represented. Be Heard.

Be Registered. Vote.

The Proud Voter Challenge is a campaign to increase the diversity and number of Tennesseans represented and heard in their democracy through Voter Registration and Voter Participation initiatives.

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We believe communities are strong when citizens are engaged.

...and in 2018 we're bringing together partners – from local nonprofits and churches, to civic groups and schools – for the largest voter participation initiative in Tennessee's history!

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With nearly 750,000 unregistered people of color, single women and under 30 year old potential voters, Tennessee ranks 47th in voter turnout and 44th in voter registration. Let's change that.

Challenge Partner Leaders

The Proud Voter Challenge depends on a wide array of partners committed to increasing voter engagement throughout the state of Tennessee.

Our Progress to Date

Our staff, volunteers, donors, and partners are all deeply committed to meeting – and exceeding – our voter registration goals. Keep checking back to view our progress at registering new voters!

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Help us reach our goal!

new voters by October 9th, 2018

Next deadline: October 9th, the Federal and State General Election voter registration deadline.