The Proud Voter Challenge

With nearly 750,000 unregistered people of color, single women and under 30 year old potential voters, Tennessee ranks 49th in voter turnout and 45th in voter registration. Let's change that.

About The Challenge

The State of Civic Participation in Tennessee Elections

Tennessee’s future is being shaped by who shows up, and right now hundreds of thousands are missing their chance to influence policy affecting their lives at a national, state and local level through their civic participation.

Nearly 750,000 unregistered people of color, single women and under 30 year old potential voters, leaving on the table the opportunity to influence the policy and leaders affecting their lives. Join in to help us increase civic engagement.

The Opportunity

There is a unique, new opportunity to strengthen the diversity and volume of civic participation:

  1. Tennessee launched online voter registration for the first time in 2017.
  2. Tested tactics and technical assistance is available to show how to do voter registration effectively.
  3. Resources, for the first time, are being provided to help partners integrate voter registration in their work.

Join Our Coalition

Get started with building a more empowered Tennessee!

Resources provided to partners

Our aim is to provide every organization that partners with us the resources and training to help them achieve their goals.

  • Technical Assistance: ongoing training and technical assistance on evidence-based voter registration tactics
  • SMS/Texting: texting capability so that new registrations can receive nonpartisan voter turnout reminders during elections
  • Database: we will track and manage voter data and provide access and training to use the data