Text Out the Vote!

  • Contact newly registered voters where to vote!
  • Recruit volunteers to help Get Out the Vote with Partners
  • GOTV: increase turnout by texting voters in targeted districts.

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What is Hustle?

Hustle is an app that makes it incredibly easy & fast for organizers to connect with their target audience via text messaging.

How does it work?

Start texting: Hustle's simple web and mobile apps allow teams to text 1000+ people an hour. Contacts see a normal SMS message from a local number.

Keep the conversation going: With Hustle, it’s like talking to someone one-on-one. Organizers will get real-time responses through the app, allowing us to respond to questions, provide more information, and keep the conversation going using pre-written scripts created by the CivicTN staff.

How do we get started?

Fill out the form on this page if you're ready to get started. One of the CivicTN staff will create a Hustle account for you and provide training & documentation. (You'll also be able to add additional organizers if needed.)