What is MobilizeAmerica?

MobilizeAmerica is a platform for promoting civic engagement events to volunteers. Unlike most event platforms, where your audience is the general public, MobilizeAmerica is designed to help you reach individuals who are interested in helping by volunteering at your event.

How does it work?

Recruit volunteers: Recruit interested parties using simple signup pages and events. Volunteers receive automated confirmation and reminder emails.

Keep everyone on schedule: When creating an event, add shift times so that volunteers can know when to show up and can choose a time appropriate to their own schedule.

Keep your organizers up to date: Organize through email notifications, lists of shifts and volunteers, and an analytics dashboard.

How do we get started?

Fill out the form on this page if you're ready to get started. One of the CivicTN staff will create an account for you and provide training & documentation.



Organize with us! Use MobilizeAmerica — a new volunteer management platform and network that enables activists to connect and reach our goals. 

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