Take Action

Join the largest voter engagement initiative in the history of Tennessee.

Tennessee is ranked 49th in voter turnout, and 45th in voter registration.

We know that communities are strong when citizens are engaged. In 2017, we formed a statewide coalition of over 30 nonprofits, churches, schools and civic groups, with one goal in mind: to register the 750,000 unregistered Tennessee voters. 

Now, we need your help getting them to the polls.

Here's what you can do:

Text Voters


What is Hustle?

Hustle is an app that makes it incredibly easy & fast for organizers to connect with their target audience via text messaging.

How Does It Work?

Start texting: Hustle's simple web and mobile apps allow teams to text 1000+ people an hour. Contacts see a normal SMS message from a local number.

Keep the conversation going: With Hustle, it’s like talking to someone one-on-one. Organizers will get real-time responses through the app, allowing us to respond to questions, provide more information, and keep the conversation going using pre-written scripts created by our team.

Phone Bank


What is Phone Banking?

Phone banking is one of the most reliable forms of voter engagement. Phone banking allows you to call voters remotely, using our online app. 

How Does It Work? 

Volunteers will be given access to a virtual phone bank, a web page that provides phone numbers and scripts to use. Volunteers can opt in any time during the available days and hours each week, and can log call results directly onto the web app. 

Canvass and Join Events


What is Canvassing?

Our canvass teams knock doors in their communities to talk directly with voters. Through the mobile app called MiniVan, we provide walkable maps and scripts to use at the door.

Volunteer and Join Events with Local Partners

Our partners will be hosting outreach events across the state from now until November 6th. Check for events around you by following this link.


Join our Civic Volunteer team and start engaging your community today.

You'll receive access and training to our remote and virtual organizing tools as soon as you sign up.

Next, a member of our team will reach out to you as local canvass and outreach events become available.

Lastly –after you've signed up –check out our events below, where you can join the largest voter engagement initiative in the history of Tennessee. 

Attend a ProudVoter Partner Event

There are civic engagement events happening all across Tennessee. Search for events near you to find opportunities to volunteer or just have fun.

Search for an event near you >>


#VoteTogether On or Before Election Day

#VoteTogether is a National initiative inspiring early vote and election day (November 6th) parties across the country, to put the fun back in voting.

Enter your zip code and find the #VoteTogether logo >>